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Digital Storytelling

"Digital Storytelling" is a service to fulfill the generational and technological gap in the use of digital recording presentation. The traditional methods of recording and archiving legacies (i.e., newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, paper notes and letters, hardback books, Kodak pictures, plaques, trophies, etc.) are obsolete and will not be read, cherished and scrutinized as in generations past. Moving all your information to an electronic and digital format is our goal.

The time will come when you will want to share or story. Also, your heirs will enjoy your life's story in one click, ordered, categorized and easily accessible. With the materials and files you have saved along with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other online sharing files, we can preserve YOUR STORY in one place.

Your grandchildren and the generations to come deserve to know your story, of course, the way you choose to tell it.


Sample Digital Stories